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5 nominations in the Acappella Awards!


The Australian Acappella Awards (AUSACA) nominations have been announced, and I’m so excited to have received 5 nominations.

‘Other Plans’ – Coco’s Lunch’s new single received triple nominations for ‘Best Original Song’, ‘Best Jazz Song’ and ‘Best Song Composed or perf. by an AUS/NZ’.  Also ‘In My Room’  for ‘Best Jazz Song’ and ‘Shifting Time’ for ‘Best Original Song’.

Congrats to Coco’s Lunch also for nominations for ‘Palani Princess’ and ‘Sister My Sister’.

Winners are announced on Friday 11th September at GET VOCAL Festival’s ACA Gala. Details: www.getvocalfestival.com 

Fingers Crossed! 🙂  


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